Impressions of a Capital

I don’t really feel able to say a lot about this city yet, but below are some more or less unfiltered thoughts that ran through my mind today:

  1. this whole city seems professional
  2. a lot of guys in suits (just sayin’)
  3. ambassies and IO HQs everywhere (in a wild guess at causality i’d say there’s a positive correlation to 2.)
  4. cars are bigger over here (not necessarily the stereotypical American SUV, but simply not so many of the tiny Fiats, Smarts and Polos we have in Europe)
  5. It’s the law: signs saying that “it’s the law” seem to be a sufficient explanation for any rule or regulation on might encounter. Is that why people oppose a strong government? Because the only explanation they get is “it’s the law”? What happened to good old European enlightenment?
  6. the White House is much smaller than it looks like on TV. Actually I think it’s tiny, or maybe I just had a hyper-inflated idea of the building’s size.
I’m still pretty jetlagged, so none if this is very thought-out nor is it meant to be a conclusive judgement of the city I live in for 48hrs now. It merely reflects some of the things I noticed around here.

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