Just Another Ordinary Day

Dr. Václav Klaus

An ordinary day in DC is probably not like an ordinary day anywhere else. At least not, when you’re into politics and actually make use of all the opportunities that you have in this city. If you do, however, and ordinary day could very well look like this:  After you get up, you get ready while watching “American Morning” on CNN. You may have to do some readings for your class that day, but most likely, you’ll get distracted by the day’s headline.

Shaking your head about the latest Tea Party statements,  you’d leave the house and take the metro to Union Station. Emerging from the dark, space-shuttle-like architecture of the subway system, you would then try to catch a glimpse of the Capitol building, as always when you walk in the area, before turning left to go to The Heritage Foundation. Since you were already shaking your head about the Tea Party earlier this morning, the Heritage Foundation, a conservative thinktank probably makes you almost physically anxious. But you go there anyways, because  Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic is holding a speech about reforming the European Union. And after his initial refusal to sign the Lisbon Treaty had already given you nightmares, you’re curious to hear from himself why he is so opposed to European Integration.

Pennsylvania Avenue & 18th St

Of course, your’re late, because the metro didn’t come on time, and so you get to know an intern from the Rumanian embassy, who is late as well and helps you find the right room. During the speech, statements such as “stop harmonization and centralization of the European continent” make you slightly nauseous and you would like to start shouting at him, but then you realize that you’re in a largely Republican audience. You wonder how many of them actually make use of the right to bear arms and after short deliberation decide to stay quiet.
After  this event, you would have to rush to the Worldbank-building to pick up your badge for the joint Worldbank/IMF Civil Society Policy Forum that you would attend the next day. While trying to cross a street, you would almost be run over by a motorcade racing  down Pennsylvania Avenue and you might make an educated guess as to who might sit in this shiny, black Jeep that is surrounded by a pool of police cars. Luckily, getting the badge is a quick, standardized procedure: checking ID, taking a photo, printing the badge, done.
Now, it’s time for you to get back to campus, because your class in “contemporary Islam & international relations” is about to start. And while you learn about Said’s Orientalism and the development of Iranian foreign policy, a fellow student informs you, that Robert Gibbs, former advisor to Barack Obama and White House Press Secretary, is giving a talk at AU this night. Politcs-nerd that you are, of course you cannot pass on this one, so two hours later, you’ll try

Nightfall at K St

to squeeze into an already crowded auditorium. Because you obviously want to stay till the very end, you would have to walk home, because the last bus to your place leaves the campus at 9:20 PM and while you’re walking down Nebraska Avenue, you think that, actually, it had just been another ordinary day today.


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