Be the change you want to see in the world*

For almost a year now I’ve been involved in a project called Visionaries in Action, or VIA for short. And today we proudly launched our official online campaign.

At the core of the VIA-project is a conference that will connect winners of the Nobel Peace Price with laureates of the Right Livelihood Award and young people that are committed to social change and a more sustainable future. But because we want to do more than just talking, we’re creating a long-term process that involves preparation before the conference, taking action during the conference and lastly, a continued encouragement for new initiatives that enables new Visionaries to realize their ideas (for a more detailed description of the three steps reflect, rethink, rebuild, please click here).

©Visionaries in Action 2011

Working for VIA is truly inspiring and I genuinely believe, that young people can make a difference in this world, when they take action for causes they are passionate about. The VIA-teamitself is living proof of this and is guided by precisely the same spirit that we want to spark in other young people. More often than not, we are spread across several different continents and timezones. With team-members currently in Columbia, Sweden and the UK, not to mention the many places all over Germany, it is not exactly “convenient” to collaborate on a project of this dimension. But this is not about convenience. It’s about our future.

The VIA Team

So we give up our weekends to travel to orga-meetings, get up at uncivilized hours for skype-sessions and spend lectures and classes with our attention wholly diverted to VIA-related paperwork, rather than focusing on the principles of economics or the paradigms of international relations. Why all this you may ask? Because we care. We care for our future, we care for the alternatives to the doomsday-scenarios, and we believe that it is in our hands, to create a better future.

*M. Gandhi

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