On mycapitalbeat you will find posts about “big” topics such as international politics and development work, but also about the “small” things in life: observations, thoughts, things I learn, a book-review or simply accounts of people I meet and things I do.

About me
My name is Svenja and I work at the German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations. In my free-time, I volunteer for the youth network of the Right Livelihood Award (RLA), called the Youth Future Project (YFP).

I’m a public policy graduate from Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and UNU-MERIT and after that “day of glory” (a.k.a. graduation), I moved to Berlin for an internship at the GIZ before I turned my passion into a full-time position at the YFP.

What started it all, was my voluntary service in Odisha, India (see my blog here). That led to my undergraduate studies at University College Maastricht, a liberal arts and sciences college which is also part of Maastricht University.
My focus was on international development and media studies, a combination that may seem random at first, but in fact is great when you care about communicating issues of global concern to the “outside world”. I enjoyed my studies tremendously and much of what you’re going to read here will in one way or the other reflect a liberal studiesque mind-set.


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