More Thoughts on Voluntary Work

A while ago, I wrote about the particularities of working for and with a volunteer-organization. This post however, is about a different kind of volunteering.

If we are to listen to recruiters, volunteering abroad is pretty much the only way to break into international development. Ironically, it is also one of the more contested programs out there and while employers obviously want the skills and experience young people gain abroad, they also know that sending volunteers abroad perpetuates the very things that are critized about the aid industry. Throughout the blogosphere, the debate about the pros and cons of the different types of volunteer-programs in developing countries keeps flaring up. Being a weltwärts-volunteer myself, I figuered it’s time I put my two cents in as well. Continue reading


Baking the Pie of Development

Let them eat cake

In the light of recent events (a.k.a. UCM pre-Capstone Panik), I thought a lot about South-South Cooperation for development. Yes, it is one of these buzz-words. And yes, I’m going to write about it. Mea culpa. But bear with me here. Saving the world sometimes requires a little generousity when it comes to overly used terms. After all, it’s pretty much a fulltime job, so I can’t possibly spend even more time on thinking up new words.

So what is  South-South Cooperation? Essentially, it means that poor countries should help each other to get out of poverty and become a second Europe or a second America. (But without all the pollution please, otherwise we’re all going to hell). Continue reading